Thursday, May 3, 2012

awesome: SLURPEE

Slurpees are the best effing invention ever. Like I know there's ice cream and iced coffee and snow cones and fancy italian gelato and just plain cold soda... but you can get a slurpee at a gas station, it's like a dollar, and its literally made of colored fun in a cup. If I wasn't super lazy I'd go get one right now.
This is my generation's Slurpee cup. The best cup. I like the blue straw for it, but if I get a blue cup, I like a pink straw. My bff Cheryl mixes coke and cherry because she's a genius.
While I love slurpees, like a lot, I liked it when they had flavors like coke and effing BLUE. Now most the flavors are like "Splenda Brand presents: Diet Crystal Light Coco Peach Shampoo Spray- brought to you by Mountain Dew Code Halo Master Chief Soda" ...and they're like taupe colored...seriously go in there it's coke and suntan lotion/mouthwash flavor... where's yellow and red you perverts!

Speaking of mouth wash, I'm sure you're familiar with the aptly named Mountain Dew Baja Blast- this monstrosity, only available at Taco Bell, is designed, like everything else they serve, to make you fart blood, or just be super uncomfortable in your night class. In all honesty I've not had it since like 2001 and I'm curious to go taste it again... and while I'm there get a giant re-fried meal brick for 89cents...

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