Friday, May 4, 2012

Attention Game Art shoppers: MARiO BOOKLET ART

Remember the f*cking sweetass Mario drawings on the game box and in those full-color awesome booklets? Remember when I typed this blog post like people were reading it? Even though the little in-game dudes were just a few pixels tall on the screen, if squint at the tv, this is what they looked like in game- appealing!Hey Nintendo, 3D is great, but we have the technology now to make a game that loooooks liiiike thiiiiis! Wanna see out-dated visuals? Check out last year's football game. That actually works out well if becoming obsolete is part of your business model, but if you wanna tell a story, what's wrong with a little style? You can't deny the charm and appeal of these little drawings, even if you throw nostalgia out the door.


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