Saturday, October 27, 2012

game: DiABLO 3

Here's a bunch of fun crap from when you were a kid:

Precious tiny miniatures.
Hand-painted storybooks. 
Playing dolls and dress-up.

Well, that's exactly what Diablo 3 is like, all wrapped in one. It looks rad and its easy and its fun. I'm sure the hardcore nerds have something else to say about the actual game, but it looked so cool, it's the first PC game I've bought in ten years. The content may be the same main stream fantasy stuff you see all over the place, but Blizzard rocked the execution so everyone else just go do something else! They didn't invent it, but let these guys own it like LOTR owns fantasy movies because their production value is through the roof, and go invent new dragons and new vampires and quit copying the same crap!

Original Diablo

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